General Information

Thanks for visiting our site! We use a variety of digital devices in our work and would like to take this opportunity to show those interested a little of what is possible with today's fine cameras and equipment. This site was created as simply a fun place to showcase a variety of equipment which we have found to be quite useful to us, and also to give the viewer links to the sites where they may get further information about these products.

Equipment and Services:
We use a wide variety of digital equipment to do professional photography for our clients which include art galleries, manufacturers, and fortune 500 companies. Our services range widely, and include among others: photomicrography, macro photography, specialized graphics creation, spin photo object creation and panorama photography.

Telephoto Samples:
Many telephoto samples on this site were taken with the OpticZoom 5x adapter lens manufactured in the United Kingdom by Eagle Eye. We use this very fine optical lens exclusively for serious work and recommend it to anyone who wants the finest available add-on telephoto lens for their consumer and prosumer level digital camera. We also extend the use of the OpticZoom by adding the Olympus B-300 1.7x telephoto extender to give us a range of  977.5 mm with our Nikons and nearly that with our Olympus C2000Z. Eagle Eye makes other very useful products for digital camera users.

Along with the Eagle Eye OpticZoom, we recommend and use the Xtend-a-View, by PhotoSolve company of Tulsa Oklahoma. The Xtend-a-View is a combination Sunshade/2x Loupe which allows fine focus with digital camera LCD's in bright sunlight and is an invaluable tool for telephoto photography with non-TTL digital cameras. PhotoSolve makes a variety of other very useful instruments and specializes in peripherals for the Kodak series of digital cameras. They also are exclusive representatives for Eagle Eye OpticZoom and peripherals in the United States.

We also use the DigiSnap line of electronic shutter controls designed and distributed by Harbortronics of Gig Harbor, WA. We have found these little devices to be incredibly handy for releasing the shutter on our tripod mount without producing mechanical movement, thereby making it much easier for us to get clean, sharp images with our longer range telephoto lens. The DigiSnaps can be easily programmed by the user to do timed interval shots and is a most welcome addition to our large collection of peripherals.

Macro Samples:
Most macro samples were done with the Nikon CP950 or CP990. These little jewels are about as good as it gets for macro photography with consumer level equipment. Macros made with our C2500L Olympus, C2000Z Olympus, DKC-ID1 Sony or D770 Sony will be so indicated under the sample thumbnail itself.

Underwater Samples:
All underwater samples were made with the Olympus C2000Z using the Olympus PT-005 lexan underwater case. This case is available from Video-Sea (Jay Mar Engineering) of San Pedro, CA.

Thumbnail and Image Pages:
All our image demonstration pages were created with cPicture by Jurgen Eidt. cPicture is a wonderful and versatile shareware program which allows the user to quickly create and format slideshows, autorun CD's and hard disk shows, and much more! It makes the usual difficult and slow task of putting one's pictures into a linked and formatted environment a simple and enjoyable task. Try it! You'll love it...

AntiVirus/Anti-threat Protection:
We have found NOD32 Anti-Threat System by ESET and sold by CSA to be the cat's meow! CSA is a NOD32 Full Service Partner (sales, installation and support) Both the program and support are fantastic and we have tried nearly every product out there! These guys know what they are doing and go way beyond to make your system secure and give you the finest protection available. See our links page for a direct link to both CSA and an official and very helpful forum of experienced uers.

Slideshows and Menu Programs:
Most all of our image slideshows are created with PicturesToExe by Wnsoft. PicturesToExe is a truly versatile slideshow program which allows the user to quickly create and format slideshows, export executable CD's and even DVD's complete with synchronized background sound and music! For slideshow menu creation, we really love MultiShow Player by Granot which allows the user to queue and run multiple executable slideshows. Try it! Inexpensive and great utility. Granot also has multiple very useful donationware programs!

All peripherals mentioned above are referenced on our "Links" page. We believe that when a product proves satisfactory and useful in our business, (we have little time for things which are poorly engineered or don't serve our purposes), that we should spread the good news so others can benefit. We have no financial ties or agreements with any of the above companies, though we have made good friends with many of their employees or principals through the years. If we recommend a product or company, it's because we have purchased products from them and have been treated very well and truly believe in their value and utility.

We hope you enjoy your stay and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our experiences, services or products that we use in our work. You may contact us through the email link on the navigation bar.

Lin Evans